Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reflecting on the Takeaways of twenty years back thanks Madiba for the memories

I remember it all so well and what would that be you may ask?

Well I am remembering 20 years back and what we used to eat and how it differs to today’s fare. For one thing no bloody organic crap and healthy meant vegetables and fruit normally eaten by sick people. Be that as it may I remember the takeaways so delightful in their artery clogging, heart stopping and almost orgasmic delight.

What you may ask would I be talking about food wise? Well think back to Slaap chips “French fries for the uninitiated” only these are sloppy with fish wrapped in newspaper. The chips were always oily and soaked in vinegar the fish covered in a batter the likes of which a master plasterer would take pride in. The smell from this package would cause you to salivate like a rabid dog running the comrades.

Oh man I so remember the good old drive in or road houses where you could get your food bought to your car and put on a tray that hung from your window. Oh lord the Hamburgers and double thick milkshakes were to die for but the crowning glory would be the Dagwood a Humungous monster of a Sandwich that I have to describe in loving detail.

It would have a toasted bottom layer of bread with pickles and all manner of sauce then some bacon and an egg or two smothered in cheese then another toasted piece of bread followed by a burger patty another egg with more garnish and cheese and this could go on for three or four layers all served with slaap chips which would be washed down with good old Coke or a double thick milkshake.

Today I go to a take away and get a burger it looks like something out of a science fiction experiment small and supposedly healthy with little taste low fat low carbs and low taste.

Man I long for the those great takeaways of yesteryear the serious cholesterol V8s of the food world that could feed you to happiness and beyond and rev your taste buds to 6000 rpm in a single bite