Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Another day in Zululand got this by e-mail eish a little disturbing!

Anybody able to shed some light on this mess?

On Saturday Eshowe hosted a wedding for a family at the sports

centre. Beside trashing the fields with broken bottles and glasses, the following took place.

There were a lot of people there , including some People from Durban obviously with a lot of money.

Besides Merc Coupes, Porches etc, there was also a Lamborghini and a brand new Ferrari, still with paper plates.

Two of the guests at the wedding decided to dice each other Going down Kangella Street. This is the end result.

The drivers were unharmed but proceeded to racially slate any white Onlooker, they beat up Tony Simpson because he had a camera with him and taunted others with comments like, " what you want here white man, you cant afford a car like this! "

The police appeared but took no statement or accident report, they Ignored the beating up of Tony, and the light pole that was bent in half will be repaired with Ratepayers money probably!

Just another boring day in Zululand