Monday, February 15, 2010

Gone Fishing? No cheaper to get fish in the supermarket

Very soon the scene in the picture wont be there anymore a father and son enjoying fishing.

Anglers are up in arms over proposed huge hikes for recreational fishing fees. In some cases, these are 200% to 400% higher. Described as a ‘travesty of justice’ by local fishermen, Zululanders will have to fork out R200 against the current R75 for an annual recreational angling permit from 1 May. Crayfish permits will rise from R75 to R500 while spear fishing is set to soar from R75 to R300. Skippers of recreational fishing boats will also have to pay an extra R500 a year. This means if you want to spearfish and get crayfish, it will cost you R800, and if you’re a fisherman off a boat, it’s going to cost R700. The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs announced the exorbitant fee increases for fishing permits last week and the public has until 1 March to comment on the new proposals. The increases are set to have a direct knock-on effect on sports tourism in small towns and will subsequently hurt the fishing industry and affect those who repair boats, sell bait and accommodation.

I personally think this is just another way for some corrupt government institution to get there grubby fingers into more money. We are continuously assaulted and checked by the dumb parks board officials who would rather be out there hiding behind trees and goodness knows what all to pounce on us poor easy targets. Why don't they get the real idiots who are plundering our fish resources the illegal trawlers and long liners as well as the poachers who use gill nets. Us poor recreational fishermen who on most occasions don't even catch fish are continuously abused and assaulted by the dumbos who are to lazy to go out there and get the real culprits. Once again the easy prey are milked of there money where is it all going to end?