Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How you and your partner sleep means something in your relationship take a look

ARE you and your partner cuddled up in the "spoons" position all night? Or do you cling to the edge of the bed as your partner sprawls in the "starfish"? Your sleep position speaks volumes about your relationship and shows how you are feeling and who holds the power between you.

THE SPOONS (him behind)

You both lie on your sides, him facing your back.

The meaning: He's protective of you and quite traditional. He can get sensual reaching around and caressing every part of you. Beware if you never kiss/cuddle in this sleep position as it may become too platonic.

THE SPOONS (her behind)

You both lie on your sides, you facing his back.

The meaning: You are very nurturing and the backbone of the relationship. He is not afraid of letting go of responsibilities and you being his emotional anchor. Fab as long as your needs aren't neglected.


Your backs face each other, with a wide gap between them.

The meaning: The intimacy is breaking down and you may be too independent of each other. If being independent suits you both then that's okay, as long as you say a warm goodnight. But be careful you aren't using this position to shut each other out.


One sprawls in a starfish shape, the other faces away, clinging to the edge of the bed.

The meaning: The sprawler dominates your relationship and they might be selfish and unaware of their partner's needs. If you are the one pushed out, ensure you start asserting yourself during the day.


One lies on their back, the other is cradled in the crook of their arm cuddled up to them.

The meaning: The partner on their back provides emotional strength and is happy offering emotional support to the other partner who is more needy.


One lies tucked up in the foetal position, facing the other who is flat on his/her back.

The meaning: The one in the foetal position needs comfort but feels unable to express their needs to their partner, who is oblivious to their needs. Identify what is going wrong and start talking about it.


One lies on their stomach, their fingertips reaching out to their partner who lies on their back or side.

The meaning: The partner reaching out is submissive in the relationship - the power lies with the other partner.


Very cuddled up, with your legs entwined and the erogenous zones snuggled into each other.

The meaning: There is loads of passion and sensuality, and you are probably in the honeymoon phase.

Don't despair if your sleep position has a negative meaning as there are exceptions. Like where one of you feels the heat and naturally rolls into "poles apart". As long as you give each other a cuddle and kiss before you roll apart that's fine.