Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leon Schusters latest movie Promo for the world cup

Realease Date

Fri 28 May 2010
Story Line
Schuks is commissioned by the 2010 tourism body to produce a movie as a visual guide for tourists visiting South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Schuks and "Shorty" become entangled with and exhausted by the red tape of forming a B.E.E.-compliant company, and decide to produce Schuks Thabalala's Survival Guide to South Africa instead.

Schucks Thabalala is a teacher and a tourist guide to a mixed bag of tourists who are taking his survival guide to SA very seriously. His students include Heinz - a German, "Yoti" - a Greek, " Jean-Pierre" - a Frenchman, "Koert" - a Dutchman, "Zaheeya" - an Indian, "Maggie" - an Irish woman, and "Xing Xang" from China amongst others. They are genuinely eager to learn about SA, so Schuks and Shorty are only too happy to oblige with a series of hysterical demonstrations of life in SA.

The comedic results range from SA's most famous celebrities being victimised by Tshabalala's antics and includes a full stadium of soccer fans - where the controversial Vuvuzela is applied as a tool to test any soccer fan's enthusiasm to the nth degree.

Amid all the excitement, an unsuspecting Schuks Thabalala falls prey to a greedy con woman's wiles. He is duped and charmed by the drop-dead-gorgeous Etti, despite Shorty's words of caution. Donna, who, in spite of her attempts to make her feelings known, is overlooked by Schuks, who is utterly fixated on Etti's beauty and charm.

Nothing and no one is sacred - common misconceptions like lions and elephants walking the streets are put to good comedy use, and the film features some Bollywood-inspired musical numbers and Schuks has some fun with some of the country's most powerful and influential characters.