Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Sellers this Christmas

Still trying to find last-minute stocking-stuffers? Read our round-up of this year's top Christmas best-sellers and you can join millions of other shoppers by marking a holiday you don't believe in by spending money you don't have on stuff you don't need!

Barack Obama doll, now with super "Spineless" feature
Want change you can believe in? Seeing is believing with this awesome (in)action figurine of the US President. Pull out his easily detachable spine and watch him flip-flop this way and that, saying "Yes you can!" to both Banker Doll and Unemployed Doll. (Afghan troop surge sold separately. Batteries and victory not included.)

The old favourite updated for South African fans. Play as Telkom, Eskom or Armscor and try to lose all your money as fast as you can.

Medical Parole
A new version of the evergreen anatomical brain-teasing classic, Operation. Get spotted outside your Durban mansion and go to jail ? or not! One minute you'll be mortally ill, the next you'll be down at the Spar buying milk. It's a Christmas miracle!

Msholozi AK-47 Jive-Blaster
Buy this awesome toy machine-gun for your kids and they'll never need another thing, especially not accountability! Equipped with a realistic rattling noise, set it on single-shot, semi-automatic, or just click it over to full populist mode and listen to it fire out up to 400 promises per minute!

SABC International - The Box Set
Yours to own, the show that bankrupted the SABC! Contains over 75,000 hours of television, including 75,000 hours of never-before-seen footage - because nobody watched it when it was on air. You can watch amazed as clueless SABC staffers drag furniture around and pick their noses and eat their snot in the background, apparently unaware that they are on camera! If you love the space where current affairs meets slapstick, then this is the box set for you.

Inflatable Tiger Woods sex doll
One for adults only! Ladies, it's time to experience what so many other woman have: the man with the longest wood in town. Comes with own pump, and guaranteed to have a more vivacious personality and make better conversation than the real Tiger.