Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mean While Back Home the Pic Takes Shape

Work in progress - Local wildlife artist Joe Marais is making good headway and attracting plenty of attention as he works on his epic painting

It's huge, growing by the day and drawing rapt attention from shoppers.
Visitors to the Boardwalk Inkwazi shopping mall in Richards Bay are thrilled to see local wildlife artist Joe Marais at work on the giant canvas where a majestic bull elephant is steadily emerging. Work on the 5m by 3m acrylic painting, the first in the series ‘Zululand on Canvas: the Journey of the Big 6’, started at the end of October. On completion within the next two months, the work will ultimately be auctioned to raise funds for local conservation efforts. An official local launch and details of the international marketing of the project will be announced shortly. In the meantime, Joe continues to paint with a purpose, knowing that his labour of love has already been a boost in promoting an interest in wildlife conservation.
Extract from the Zululand Observer