Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mark Esterhuysen goes crazy on public radio

Talk Radio 702 Eyewitness News (EWN) fired newsreader Mark Esterhuysen on Tuesday after he swore 13 times and promoted his blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds during a news bulletin.

EWN editor Katy Katopodis said he had been summarily dismissed.

Although she had been unable to reach Esterhuysen by phone, a letter of dismissal had been delivered to his house.

"We can't tolerate that kind of behaviour. I don't think it's appropriate to use our platform, which is credible, to promote your own agenda," she said.

A 41-second clip, purportedly of the broadcast, on the website had garnered 35,000 views by Tuesday afternoon.

In it a man who identifies himself as Mark Esterhuysen, says: "F-word racism, f-word the pigs who killed Andries Tatane, f-word the AWB, f-word racism. We are all wild animals here, meant to live free. F-word capitalism, f-word fascism. F-word this f-word wage slavery s-word. F-word domestication, f-word Julius Malema, f-word the state. F-word the petrol economic growth on a finite planet."

Esterhuysen tweeted that he had "no regrets about my bulletin".

On his Twitter feed, he identified himself as an enemy of the state, a defender of anarchy, a proud member of the primate clan, a cunning linguist, and a master debater.

"Just like Jerry Maguire, I have lost the ability to b-word. I'll accept the consequences of it," he tweeted on Monday.

He said all he wanted in life "is for @GarethCliff to read my blog".

His most recent blog on was on the role of sport in modern South Africa, from an anarchist perspective. Other topics dealt with the futility of civilisation.