Friday, September 23, 2011

Man has sex with a Dolphin!

A 58-year-old writer is revealing that he had an intimate relationship with a dolphin in the 1970s.
In 1971, Malcolm Brenner says he began a nine-month emotional and sexual relationship with a dolphin named Ruby.
Malcolm stated that Ruby (the dolphin he was boinking in the 1970′s) was actually the one who initiated the sexual relationship.
His passionate, real-life romance with the marine mammal is the basis for his new novel, Wet Goddess: Recollections Of A Dolphin Lover (Brenner).
Brenner met the sea seductress while taking photos of Ruby for a Florida amusement park and things escalated from there.
He says the dolphin would nuzzle, flirt, and dance for him in the water, making it known that she wanted something more than friendship.
The constant “come-ons” led Brenner to look at Ruby as a person. At the dolphin’s suggestion they got physical and engaged in sex, an experience he calls “phenomenal.”
Brenner suspects many people have had similar affairs with dolphins because the animals are so human-like. By the way, beastiality isn’t illegal in Florida.
Brenner says a relationship with a dolphin is hard because they’re clingy and “require attention 24/7.” Since his tryst with Ruby, he’s never loved another.

Man there is something fishy in this story never mind just the
 fact that this guy is a wacko and nut job!