Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A nude Picture of Elizabeth Taylor surfaces after her death

The lady was a beauty in her day as this tasteful nude photo shows really quite stunning to say the least
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Elizabeth Taylor

Less than two weeks after screen legend Elizabeth Taylor passed away, a personal, nude photograph of her has been leaked to the public. But of course!

The tastefully-shot, topless photo of a 24-year-old Elizabeth was taken by one of her closest friends, Roddy McDowall, as an engagement gift to her third husband, producer Mike Todd.

Mike was tragically killed in an air crash just 13 months after marrying Liz, and she is said to have passed the photograph onto her assistant and make-up artist - who then sold it to private collector Jim Shaudis in 1980.

The picture has been on display in his house ever since - but Jim decided to share it with fans following Liz's death on March 23.