Thursday, April 12, 2012

Titanic celebrates 100 years below the waves

1500 souls lay with her in her quite dark grave
Read her story and facts at
One Hundredth anniversary of 
the RMS Titanic sinking 14 April 1912

A picture of the lady's rear and her propulsion system

A photo of the Titanic on her maiden voyage 

Some simple facts about the ill fated ship

Titanic was almost as long as three football fields.

Including the four smoke stacks, the Titanic was as tall as a 17-story building.

Titanic's engines used more than 800 tons of coal each day. The ship's top speed was 24 knots (27 miles per hour).

Titanic was one of the first ships to have a telephone system and electric lights in all the rooms.

Titanic had four elevators, a heated swimming pool, a gym, two libraries, and two barber shops.

Each day, the passsengers and crew used 14,000 gallons or 63645 liters of drinking water.

Smoke and steam made by the Titanic's boilers escaped through three stacks. Builders added a fourth stack because they thought it made the ship look better.

Titanic could carry 3,547 passengers and crew. About 2,200 people traveled on its first and only voyage.

The most expensive tickets to travel aboard Titanic cost about $99,000 in today's money.

To feed the passengers and crew, Titanic had 86,000 pounds of meat, 40,000 eggs, 40 tons of potatoes, 7,000 heads of lettuce, 3,500 pounds of onions, 36,000 apples, and 1,000 loaves of bread on board.

As she looks today 100 years later
Who can forget the scene from Titanic with Leonardo and Kate
standing at this spot seeming to fly
A wider shot of the bow
 Shot of the ghostly Officer’s quarters of the Titanic
The less photographed stern lying 1600 yards from the bow

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