Friday, March 2, 2012

Spider eats snake

Of all things creepy this Spider
"Photos taken in Bloemfontein South Africa"
eats a snake now thats one bad assed nasty spider

A receptionist at an electrical company arrived at work in Bloemfontein to see this next to her desk - a snake caught in a spider's web with its predator moving in for a meal.

Astonishingly the snake was off the ground and tangled in the web. And the spider was making short work of tucking in to possibly its biggest meal ever.

Spider expert Leon Lotz from the National Museum told the UK Daily Mail that the spider was a female brown button.

 spiders live for about two years, and usually feed on bugs and moths.
The incident was photographed some time ago, and Lotz uses it as an educational aid.

Nasty shit
What the receptionist has to say about it, we haven't heard...She's still running!