Friday, October 8, 2010

Melktert shooters oh boy these are good smooth as a baby's ass


Yummy and real good

Melktert shooters (better known as “melktertjies”) are a very addictive South African shooter. It smells and tastes like melktert (South African milk tart) with a bit of kick and can turn people who never bothered with shooters or cocktails before, into melktert shooter enthusiasts within a single sip they are also deceivingly Innocent.

There are a few variations of this most sought-after recipe, but the basic ingredients remain the same. We settled for the following melktertjie recipe.

Makes approximately 860 ml


•One 375 ml bottle Vodka (you can reduce it to 300 ml if you prefer less kick)

•One 395 gram (300ml) tin of condensed milk (use up to two cans to make it thicker and sweeter)

•Half of a 375 ml tin evaporated milk

•Ground cinnamon to serve


1.Mix well, using a food processer or whisk, and bottle, or simply pour the ingredients into a 1-litle bottle and shake well.

2.Keep in the fridge. Shake well before pouring into shooter or shot glasses.

3.Sprinkle each melktertjie with ground cinnamon and serve chilled.
Beware highly addictive and deceptively intoxicating

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  1. These things are divine made them for after a dinner party they were a masive hit thanks Wayne

  2. Its a pleasure i tried them and boy they are really good i am glad they made your party special ;0)

  3. See you like "MY" photo of melkterjies???? PHOTO POSTED :Julie 28 2010 no link???

  4. Boerekos i did not get the photo from your site i got it here

    But to be fare i have installed a link to your site

    The Pessimist

  5. Hey pessimist.... funny this web bizz... guess on the net your stuff is everybody's stuff...????

    Thanks for your link though...wish there could be more of "you" around...!!!

    Enjoy your thoughts.... how you think..will bookmarked U. Will pop in time to time to check out new posts..!!

    Thanx pessimist!!!

  6. Boerekos
    You are most welcome you will find most of us Zululander’s are quite accommodating and happy to compromise such is the pace of life in deepest darkest Africa :0)