Friday, September 3, 2010

Get a look at the new A380 on its maiden flight to the UK

The Airbus A380
 Away she goes: Hundreds of members of the public look on as the Emirates Airbus A380 takes off after paying its first ever visit to Manchester Airport, kicking off the new service to Dubai

Fancy some fizz? The upper deck of the A380 features a champagne bar and lounge for First Class and Buisness Class passengers

 Plush... if you can afford it: While the Emirates A380 features 14 suites for First Class passengers, Business Class have to make do with these pods which fold flat to form a bed

 Astonish luxury: Finished in burnished walnut, the pods feature a flat screen TV, mini bar, vanity mirror and bedside clock... but a Business Class flight from Manchester to Dubai will set you back.R29000

 Time to freshen up: The flight from Manchester to Dubai takes a little over seven hours, so First Class passengers might want to make use of one of the shower room on the upper deck (flying First Class to Dubai costs... R34000
Welcome aboard: Emirates cabin crew prepare to greet the very first Business Class passengers aboard the giant aircraft
OK so this is where us ordinary folk sit
 Seats as far as the eye can see: Depending on the configuration the A380 can hold up to 853 passengers, but most airlines have opted to carry fewer passengers but providing them with more space and, hopefully, greater comfort