Wednesday, September 15, 2010

South African "Gatsby" a sandwich to rule them all

The one and only Gatsby

Traditionally a Cape Town speciality, Gatsby's are especially popular across the Cape Flats and most of the take away outlets that sell them are Halaal. Basically a Gatsby consists of a baguette stuffed with hot chips, meat such as masala steak or polony, and a hot sauce or pickle such as atchar. It is probably loosely based on the American Hoagie, Italian sandwich.

Super size me

These things are amazing it is a full meal in one foul swoop, and they come in amazing different flavours and forms. Some exotics even have fish in them and are called "Katkops" others have Calamari in them. There are chicken Gatsby's but all of them have fries in otherwise they not Gatsby's. Whatever you have in them they good and they fill you up like a ton of cement and are the real heavy weights in takeaway cuisine