Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rumor has it that Princess Charlene is bonking this....

Princess Charlene & Byron Kelleher

MSN NZ says that a newspaper in Spain claims that Princess Charlene of Monaco is pulling some Princess Diana move by having an affair with a rugby player. The rumour is that Princess Charlene wasn't at the coronation of the new Dutch king with her husband Prince Albert, because she riding on some rugby bongo in South Africa instead.

The rugby player who Princess Charlene is supposedly boning on the down low is 36-year-old Byron Kelleher of New Zealand. Byron plays for Stade Français and he handles all of the rugby projects for Princess Charlene's sports-focused charitable foundation. Sources say that when they're not working on charity projects together, they're working over each other's assets. Byron is a friend of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert and was a guest at their wedding in 2011. He also went to the Amalfi Coast with them last year.

A royal spokesperson for the Prince and Princess had no comment.

There have been many rumours about the marriage including that it is a marriage of connivance or convenience however you choose to see it. There is an old saying however and it goes like such "Where there is smoke there is fire" and there has been much smoke!  .

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