Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tittoing the nipple tattoo craze

Woman desperate to have perfect nipples are resorting to tattooing 

  • Not content with perfectly shaped breasts, women now want nipples tattooed to add colour and definitionProcedure was originally used for patients who'd had reconstructions after breast cancer surgery

  • Sure, it could be a passing fad, but big nipples are in—and tittooing is poised to upend the landscape of breasts as we know them in the Western world. Taking our cues from the arts, we’ve long idealized the small, salmon-colored nipples of Botticelli’s Venus. Fashion tends to favor small nips as well (Kate Moss’s dime-size areolae are almost as famous as the model herself). Nipples are slightly more varied in the adult-entertainment industry, but there’s little diversity when it comes to highbrow smut. Playboy’s bare-breasted models may be buxom, but their nipples are rarely larger than pepperonis.

  • But before you rush off to get your nipples tattooed, be warned: the color fades, so when you have your nice new nipples, if you want to keep them that way, you’ll have to drop into your clinic every year or two for a wee top-up.
    And of course, it hardly needs to be said that you should choose with care the individual wielding a tattooists needle pricking your anaesthetized nipple and the surrounding area 100 times a second (it doesn’t hurt at the time, but it can be agony for a few days afterward).
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