Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another picture of Jacob Zumas penis in the wind

Where will it end its becoming embarrassing now?
The president of South Africa
Jacob Zuma
Umshini Wam by Ayanda Mabuli

According to the Star newspaper, artist Ayanda Mabulu's painting of Zuma wearing traditional attire and his penis exposed, entitledUmshini Wam is part of an exhibition called Our Fathers.
The exhibition also has works of artist Brett Murray whose controversial painting, The Spear, resulted in protests against Johannesburg's Goodman Gallery in May.
The Spear, another painting depicting Zuma with his genitals exposed, was later removed by the Goodman Gallery and the City Press website. The artwork was also classified with a rating of 16N by the Film and Publication Board because it displays nudity.
Mabulu's painting is priced at R75 000.
"He is not naked; I did not paint him with an uncircumcised penis. This is a metaphor that shows he is not a boy; he is a man, an elder, a father, a leader," Mabulu was quoted as saying.

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