Thursday, January 26, 2012

Costa Concordia the lighter side

With apologies to all those of Italian origin and to those who contemplate a cruise in the Med.
# How do they serve alcoholic drinks on Italian cruise ships?   - On the rocks

# What vegetables do you get with dinner on Italian cruise ships?   - Leeks

# What's the fastest way to get off an Italian cruise ship?   -  Follow the captain

# When the captain of the ill fated Costa Concordia was asked if he knew where he was going he replied "off course." So the captain of the Costa Concordia will soon be in the dock.   That's more than can be said for his ship.

# I like my women how I like my Italian Cruises.    Wet, wrecked and ready to go down.

# The Costa Concordia is probably the most expensive thing to go down in Italy since Berlusconi's last hooker.

# What's the difference between the Italian economy and the stricken cruise liner Costa Concordia?
   Nothing - The bottoms dropped out of both.