Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The real face of land redistribution in South Africa

All it took was 4 years….
These are pictures of a sugar/citrus/banana farm right next to Ngwenya
Lodge in Komatipoort, South Africa.

It was sold to (taken by) the SA Government 4 years ago, in their land
reform and re-allocation program whereby the riches are taken from the
white imperialists and distributed among the less advantaged, oppressed
"indigenous" community i.e. black empowerment.

This is what it looked like last week when the previous white owners thought
they were going to look at the development of their old homestead and farm.
They matched each scene (Aug 2011) with a 'before' photo (Jan 2007) and
the last photograph was taken from a helicopter where the remains (shell) of
the house are visible.

Next election may see the rise of certain members of parliament that support
the Mugabe reform ideas, so guess where S.A is heading?

Just one of the many farms that now look like
this ruined and standing unproductive